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I’m Ruby Maddox…

I’m a Strategic Planning Consultant, Leadership Coach, and workshop facilitator, dedicated to helping you and your organization connect to your purpose, cultivate your potential, and make an unbeatable action plan towards your success.




Welcome to purpose-driven consulting and leadership coaching!

With a Master's in Non-Profit Management, I've honed my skills to help organizations and individuals thrive.

As an executive director and team leader, I've navigated the complexities of project management and organizational leadership. Now, as a strategic planning consultant, I bring that wealth of experience to empower you to reach your highest potential.

 Throughout my career, I've been privileged to lead transformative initiatives, including founding two nonprofit organizations focused on social justice and leadership development. As a business mentor and facilitator, I've guided countless individuals and teams towards their goals with clarity and purpose.

But what truly sets me apart is my passion for cultivating community and inspiring others to lead their best lives. From TEDx stages to international programs, I've dedicated myself to creating spaces where everyone can thrive and make meaningful contributions to society.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and impact, let's connect!

Together, we can turn your intrepid spirit into tangible results that benefit not only your organization but also the world around us. Let's make what you do worthwhile for every soul involved.

The Starting


My story as a Purpose Coach began while working in the higher education sector for over 12 years. I developed a model to help students find their path in the world and take action towards the goals that mattered to them the most.

I realized these students were every one of us, filled with so much potential but hardly living it out because we don’t know how to ‘Direct our purpose’. We are used to operating below our highest potential.

I decided to take this model, refine it, and use it to help everyone, not just students.

Today I’ve established the Direct Your Purpose (DYP) framework that transforms the lives of participants (both individuals and teams), allowing you to develop your vision and walk into your success story.

My Vision

My vision is to see you live your best life once you become purpose-oriented. I have spent over 15 years working in nonprofit management and philanthropy.

At the heart of my approach is a commitment to customized solutions, expert guidance, and proven results.

Whether you're a nonprofit looking to maximize your impact or a business striving for sustainable growth, I'm here to help you chart your course to success.

Helping others live out their potential has always been a big part of who I am and the things I do.



I provide the support, guidance, and accountability you need to go through the DYP framework, but in the end, you’ll be able to keep the connection to your purpose, gain lasting clarity, and call the shots on your own.

I’m confident in your capacity for success; for bring those ideas, dreams, or projects to life!

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Who is Ruby?

Ruby Maddox is a Purpose Coach, strategic consultant, and facilitator, dedicated to helping individuals cultivate their potential for meaningful contributions to society. She has spent more than 15 years working in the field of nonprofit management and philanthropy.

Ruby is the former director of LEEP Projects; a student innovation and entrepreneurship program at Clark University and she served as a business mentor at Valley Venture Mentors, a business accelerator program in Springfield, MA.

Ruby is the co-founder of two nonprofit organizations focused on social justice, leadership, and equity. She is a TEDx speaker and the recipient of the 40 Under 40 Business and Community Leader's award.

Ruby co-founded Gardening the Community, a youth urban agriculture program in Springfield, Massachusetts and Leaders of the Free World, an international experience and leadership development program for young black men.

Ruby believes in cultivating community and inspiring others to lead their best lives.

In Ghana, West Africa, with LFW organizational partners

On a panel with then, Governor Deval Patrick

Gardening the Community Farmer's market

Rotary Club Service award with the Mayor of Springfield. Dominic Sarno.