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Team-building Retreats & Strategy Sessions

Build Your Team Vision Towards Your Goals

Let's face it, your team could use some support. Clashing visions, unclear company vision statement, and trouble finding common ground could spell the end of your team's collective journey. How can you help your team stand together and rise above the noise?
It's time to create a shared mission and team vision.

Direct Your Purpose Workshops and Strategy sessions provide organizations with a unique opportunity to align their team's purpose, values, and goals. These sessions can help you clarify your vision and create an actionable plan for your team or organization.

These sessions create a supportive and inclusive space where team members can connect, communicate, and collaborate effectively. Team members can build stronger relationships, identify shared values, and develop a deep understanding of their team's purpose.

The Impact

DYP Sessions and Trainings help organizations boost productivity, enhance innovation and creativity, and improve overall team morale. By aligning the team's values and goals, our strategy sessions can help organizations create a more cohesive and engaged workforce. Additionally, team members will learn how to better communicate and collaborate with each other, leading to a more productive and fulfilling work environment.

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Direct Your Purpose Training Topics:

Team Deep-dive & Vision Work
You take the first steps here to learn how ‘Vision Clarity and Analysis’ play a part in strategic planning for an organization. Participants will come to understand their personal values and productivity style. These are vital parts that are often missing in aligning the vision of your team. They will also be introduced to the DYP framework and start the process of creating a cohesive and limitless vision.

Clarify Your Vision & Troubleshooting Roadblocks
In this training, I teach you and your team to create a strategic action plan and a clear analysis of any problem. Participants also learn how to use these skills to achieve clarity - even when the unexpected happens. With this transformation, your leadership can become truly collaborative and result-driven with less overwhelm or failed expectations.



Design a Unique Experience for your Team

This comprehensive training will help you create and design a workshop to develop your team’s shared purpose. You will learn the importance of creating an inclusive atmosphere, developing simple activities for success, and analyzing the differences between individuals within a team to promote collaboration.

By the end of this training, you will have designed a unique and tailored workshop for your organization. You will be able to execute the workshop, ensuring that everyone within your team is working together towards the same goal with a unified purpose.

Add a team/organizational assessment to any workshop or session!

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Direct Your Purpose Workshops

Bring Purpose and Clarity to Your Next Event.

DYP Workshops are perfect for your next conference or event. Sessions are designed to take your audience from aspiration to action in their goals.

Whether they are feeling stagnant, need tips on goal-setting, or are looking to create a plan of action, DYP workshops will provide the necessary guidance and skills to progress forward.

DYP workshops foster creative and critical thinking by offering attendees a clear vision, comprehensive instructions, and engaging activities. These events are tailored to promote the development of new ideas and strategies that can be implemented in their lives or businesses.

 “The insight Ruby provided was a major factor in contributing to the success of the evening!”  - Siiri Bigalke

DYP Workshops:

  • Achieving Success through Goal Setting: This workshop focuses on helping attendees set realistic goals and create plans of action to achieve them.
  • Strategic Decision Making: By attending this workshop, participants have the opportunity to learn how to improve their decision-making process by uncovering and understanding their core values and vision alignment.
  • Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty: This workshop focuses on helping attendees adopt strategies to overcome their fears to make progress in their lives or businesses.
  • Overcoming Procrastination: This workshop helps attendees overcome obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their goals.
  • Enhancing Vision Creativity: This workshop focuses on helping attendees unlock their creative potential to envision and manifest ideas.
  • Time Management & Executing Your Vision: This workshop helps attendees maximize their time and energy to create a successful plan for achieving their vision.
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​I have a Masters in Non-Profit Management and have been an executive director and team leader for various projects. With years in the consulting sector, I’ve grown to know what makes companies and their employees tick. With my know-how and your intrepid spirit, we can make what you do worthwhile for every soul involved.

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Ruby Maddox - Purpose Coach & Strategic Planner

Ruby Maddox - Purpose Coach & Strategic Planner


“Ruby speaks from the heart. You can hear her sincerity, passion, intelligence, confidence, and warmth through her words.”  ​- Ariel Russ


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